Thierry Bernard


Communicating and sharing their passion around strong values ​​like Friendliness, Sharing, Expertise and Pleasure is the main objective of Tri-Academy.

An unmatched training infrastructure, beautiful cycling routes and state-of-the-art equipment will make the difference to make the Tri-Academy experience unforgettable for Triathletes.

Qualifications & Experience
  •  Diploma: Doctor in Human Movement Sciences, qualified to direct the research, attached to the LAMHESS (Human Motricity Lab Expertise Sport Health of the University of Toulon).

  • STAPS license (mention Sports Training)

  • 20 years of teaching and research

  • Scientific support for the French Olympic triathlon teams (2004-2012, Athens-Beijing-London)

  • Triathlete since 1987: participation in 4 world championships (Hawaii Top 100 USA 2002, Las Vegas 2012 USA, Mooloolaba 2016-Australia, Port Elizabeth 2018-South Africa)

Nathalie Jouffret


With Tri-Academy it is the opportunity to put its experience of competition and event management at the service of a large sporting public.

It is to communicate their common passion around essential values ​​such as Friendliness, Sharing, Expertise while keeping the notion of pleasure.

The infrastructure, the advanced equipment in an beautiful natural environment will make your Tri-Academy experience unforgettable.

  • President of the Carqueiranne Triathlon Club since 2008
  • Organizer of the youth and S triathlons of Carqueiranne for 10 years
  • 25 years of triathlon practice
  • Diploma: BF5 Triathlon.
  • Finisher IRONMAN Hawaii in 2006
  • Participation in 4 IRONMAN and 10 IM 70.3 including World Championships in Australia in 2014 (in age group category)
  • 9 participations at the Etape du Tour

Christophe Jouffret


Accumulation of self-knowledge, effort management, preparation, recovery … After 35 years experience, including more than 20 combined with  a large daily workload and a lot of business travel, he makes the jump and leave a job, a company, a team, a product, which are dear to him.

He decided to get even closer to his passion, his family and to serve triathletes, novices and experienced, with his experience and expertise.


  • Triathlete since 1983
  • Professional triathlete from 1985 to 1990
  • IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion in 2014 in Canada (age group 50-54)
  • TU Olympic Distance World Champion 2019 (Switzerland – Lausanne -GA 55-59 years old)
  • IM70.3 2019 World Champion (France – Nice-GA 55-59 years old)
  • Diploma: BF5 Triathlon.
  • 35 years of intensive sports practice in competition
  • 35 years of experience in self management before, during and after the effort

Sophie  Lemaire


 Whether you are an elite athlete, a recreational athlete, a weekend warrior, whether you are preparing for a special event, whether you want to lose weight or improve your quality of life through a food rebalance.

The approach of a complete nutritional assessment accompanied by a personalized nutritional plan, will enable you to appreciate the impact of a suitable diet on your daily well-being.


  • Diploma: Dietician-nutritionist and sports coach.
  • STAPS Sports Training License
  • STAPS License Adapted Physical Activity and Health
  • Mastery STAPS (mention Sports Training)
  • 7 years of hospital practice as a teacher of Adapted Physical Activity and Dietician
  • 10 years of experience on the impact of nutrition in sport and health
  • 10 years of competition in sailing (List Hope in Laser)
  • Participation in the cycling race through Corsica (May 2016)
  • Finisher Marathon New York (2018)


Nathalie Simon


TV and radio host

Very happy to be an ambassador for the Tri-Academy.

When Christophe and Thierry proposed it to me, I said yes without hesitation! I have known them for a very long time and I appreciate their enthusiasm and passion for triathlon. They love and they know this demanding sport.

Their choice of setting up the Tri-Academy at Carqueiranne ended up seducing me. I know this magical place that saw me start windsurfing and I know it’s a great playground for lovers of outdoor sports: bike paths that take you to the foot of the passes, Olympic pool discovered heated all year round, Mediterranean Sea, and opportunities to run on this superb salt road that borders the salt marshes. The top! « 

Long live the Tri-Academy

Yves Cordier


General Manager IRONMAN France Quintuple winner of the Embrunman European Champion 1989

Very happy to support Tri Academy, a team of enthusiasts and triathletes from the very beginning! Tri Academy will be able to offer you the latest technical and scientific tools of the moment, while sharing their experience of more than 30 years! Your projects will be in good hands and you will enjoy exceptional surroundings and conditions. Hope to meet you.

Eric      Ridez


26 x Finisher of the Nice Triathlon
LD World Champion in age group in 1998 and 2000
IM 70.3 World Champion in age group in 2006 IM 70.3 European Champion in 2013.

I joined Tri-Academy because of my passion for triathlon like them.
It is a sport that requires so much investment in training and on the mind that their skills and their many experiences (in competition) can only be added values.

Their simple and detailed dialogues make Tri-Academy open at all levels.

They will accompany you to achieve your goals with advanced equipment and an excellent training ground.

Julien Zutter


Winner LD of Cublize 2016 Winner Triathlon Saint Tropez 2016

A new adventure begins. New adventure, new project, new team, new role. What remains unchanged is the passion that animates us and brings us together with Christophe and Thierry. A project I immediately joined knowing their triathlon philosophy and experience.

Yohan Leberre


European Champion – Duathlon 2018
Vice World Champion – Duathlon 2018
Pro victory of the IM70.3 Vichy 2019

It is with great pleasure that I join the Tri-Academy team as ambassador!

I must say that the idea of ​​a triathlon camp in Carqueiranne really makes sense. Indeed, I train all year in the Var and it is for me a daily pleasure to practice the three sports in these beautiful landscapes.

The philosophy and values ​​conveyed by Christophe and Thierry are beautiful. Passionate, experienced in the field of triathlon, no doubt that the exchanges and the hours of training during the courses will be rich of lessons and very friendly.

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