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For rich and lasting interactions

The fact that the majority of our athletes coached online are participants in our courses reflects the importance of the link we seek to establish! Tri-academy needs to know who athletes really are, what they are trying to accomplish, what their life looks like in terms of family organization, work and lifestyle in order to be able to offer a realistic, functional program, pleasant and inspiring that allows the triathletes to progress and prepare for their next goal.

For a global approach to preparation

Each individual is singular! Tri-academy recognizes and accompanies you, taking into account your age, gender, abilities, aspirations and how they affect the training that can and should be done.

For close online coaching

Tri-academy’s online coaching programs are geared to the needs of all levels, from beginner to elite. Our rigorous approach is based on communication and we know that for you to progress effectively, we must support you in your lifestyle commitments and are therefore available every week to answer your questions, adapt your program, propose alternative sessions, even work in collaboration with your health professionals if necessary.


nutrition assessment : 50€

For the contact

The review appointment allows to establish a complete nutritional assessment with our dietician to inform us about your history, your lifestyle, your sports practices, your pathologies, your eating habits, your tastes, your motivations and your goals.

For an adapted nutritional coaching

During this first meeting, an assessment of your body composition by impedance measurement will complete the nutritional assessment. Indeed, the evaluation and the distribution of the muscular mass, the fat mass as well as the measurement of the visceral mass and the water mass make it possible to set concrete objectives and to evaluate the corporal changes during the coaching program.

For a tailor-made food program

This global analysis will determine your energy and nutritional needs to establish a distribution of food adapted to your needs to achieve your goals of weight, health and well-being.


Body Composition Assessment (ECC) with InBody

The segmental assessment of body composition by bioimpedancemetry from 5 zones gives a precise idea of ​​the morphology of the athletes to then offer suitable training and nutrition solutions.

Nutritional strategy and supplementation

Nutritional analysis (nutritional survey) which will boost your performance by optimizing your eating strategies.

It is about evaluating what a triathlete eats during a specific training cycle, a pre-competitive period, a competition or a period of inactivity. By quantifying the total energy, macronutrients, micronutrients and their daily distribution, the results will allow us to consider the timing of ingestion as well as the adequacy of the major food intakes associated with certain food supplements.

Adequate nutrition is a key element in optimizing training. (e.g., train low, train high, low carbohydrate, high-fat diet, periodized carbohydrate diet).

All data is documented and provided to the athlete.


 For a personalized follow-up

These additional interviews will allow you to follow up at regular intervals with a check of the evolution of your body composition by impedancemetry.


FROM 25€

For running sessions in landfill

  • Post-injury rehabilitation and re-training
  • Training with reduced impacts
  • Wide range of speeds (slow running with fast running)
  • High energy expenditure
  • Active recovery
  • Duration 30min

connected bodybuilding

FROM 35€

To optimize muscle building

  • Equipped with a vest and a shorts
  • Accompanied by a professional coach
  • Solicitation of muscle mass in depth
  • Solicitation according to the chosen zones
  • Optimum energy expenditure in 20 minutes

For original workouts

  • Corrected when performing postures
  • Assured for a perfect gesture during exercises
  • Suitable for physical preparation sessions
  • Suitable for motor rehabilitation sessions
  • Motivated by the coach during your session
  • Duration 30min

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