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Optimisation – (package 150€)

(Re-assessment session 50€)

Swimming technique

With our video shots made at multiple swimming speeds and at various angles, we are able to identify imperfections that are sometimes imperceptible to the naked eye at the edge of the pool.

If you think your swimming performance has reached a plateau, the video analysis of your crawl will help to identify more clearly the key areas to focus your concentration and your work on. We will be able to offer you educational and sessions to improve your swimming technique and your overall performance (Duration: 1H).

* All this data is documented and provided to the athlete.

For the analysis and correction of the swimming technique

  • Wide range of speeds (from beginner to expert – 3’00 to 1’00 / 100m)
  • Underwater video socket (Panasonic camera)
  • Underwater mirror for visual feedback
  • Headsets finished to communicate with the coach

With the best swimming turbine in the world Swimfitting facilitated with the pool Osborne by Endless Pools

  • 7.5HP engine
  • Current produced by a swimming turbine
  • Flow rate of 1140 m3 per hour without turbulence
  • For an unprecedented swimming experience


For the analysis and optimization of pedaling

  • Static measuring system
  • Position simulator

Bikefitting facilitated by the association between and Shimano Dynamics Lab for an optimization of the Bike & Run web

For power analysis

  • 3D pedaling analyzer
  • Effective forces measurements right and left
  • Measurement of the distribution of forces on the axis of the pedal
  • For unprecedented positioning

Optimisation – (package 200€)

Postural cycling

With, we offer an analysis of your posture for the practice of cycling in triathlon. This postural optimization is based on a static and dynamic study associated with an analysis of the pedaling efficiency (zones of force transfer of the support on the pedal) in a context of cycling-running. All these data are available to the athlete (Duration: 1H30).

* All this data is documented and provided to the athlete.

Assessment – (package 125€)

Power profile in cycling

The athlete’s power profile is determined from power sensors that, together with heart rate data, provide a solid foundation for planning your workout. The use of the power profile makes it possible to respect the specific metabolic profile of each cyclist and thus individualize his training program (Duration: 1H).

* All this data is documented and provided to the athlete.


Analysis – (package 99 €)

Perform through a stride analysis
After warming up, the analysis is done on 3 different speeds on the treadmill:

  • Lateral and anteroposterior video recording of stride at each speed
  • Analysis of stride kinematics (amplitude and pitch frequency) from the measurement of ground contact times
    (Duration: 1H)

Analysis & Prevention – (150 € package)

Injury analysis and prevention (presence of a physiotherapist specialized in the injuries of the runner)

  • Taking into account the history of the rider and location of injuries.
  • Dynamic posturo analysis
  • Biomechanical analysis through lateral and anteroposterior video recording of regular stride
  • Analysis of the attack, support and push phases
  • Recommendations for a less traumatic approach to stride
  • Recommendation on the type of footwear adapted
  • Recommendation to be followed for the recovery according to the type of injury and sports level

(Duration: 1H30)

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